Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group Review: How to check the condition of your car battery

Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group and its centers offer various free services to their customers such as checking the condition of a car battery along with the battery charging system, and what’s good is that it’ll only take them a minimum of five minutes to complete the said process.

Tyre&Auto finds that one of the reasons why there’s a lot of breakdown calls in a few countries is due to faulty batteries since the only power source used for getting a car started is a car battery. Make sure to maintain a good and healthy battery to prevent being a roadside ‘breakdown’ statistic since industry sources said that 1 out of 10 vehicle batteries could indeed fail.

Is the engine not starting? Are headlights not turning on? You should then determine whether or not you need a new battery or alternator. Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group understands that each person needs a proper guide in checking the condition of a car battery, so they prepared the following, but note that this is done using a voltmeter.

Your first task is to turn off the ignition and then you remove the battery’s positive terminal cover. Check and clean the battery terminals after. The third thing you need to do is connecting your voltmeter’s positive lead which is usually colored red to the positive terminal on your battery, and afterward, put the negative voltmeter lead to the negative battery terminal.

The fourth step involves checking the voltmeter. The voltage should be between 12.4 to 12.7 volts to tell that the battery is in good condition, however, you should charge your battery if the reading is lower than 12.4 volts.

Tyre&Auto Southbourne group reviews suggests to “trickle charge” (considered as slow charge) the battery when the reading is lower than 12.2 volts and afterward, you should recheck. You have an excessive voltage when the reading is more than 12.9 volts, and in order to remove the excessive voltage surface charge, you should turn on the high beams. The alternator could be overcharging the battery when over voltage occurs.

In case you need a new car battery, Tyre&Auto Southbourne Group can take care of that because they stock batteries that could fit into a broad selection of car and light commercial vehicles. You can also call or email their team today to make an inquiry or booking.


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